welcome from the Chair

George Beveridge

By way of introduction, my name is George Beveridge and I chair the Business North Steering Group.

Business North was established in 2016 to provide a pan-northern business group, to drive forward economic growth and raise productivity and prosperity across the region.

It is a non-subscription organisation that works closely with a number of partner organisations such as the CBI, but is unique in providing a voice for all businesses across the whole of the north.

The group provides thought leadership on issues affecting the North and will challenge and support the government on issues of pan-northern economic importance.

Accelerated economic growth for the north is our overall objective. We focus on those policy issues that benefit from agglomeration effects and therefore are better delivered at a pan-northern level.

The North of England is home to a huge variety of world-class industries, businesses, people and assets. Making the most of our strengths, and harnessing new opportunities, is best achieved through collaboration and clear planning. Business North aims to facilitate this by providing a united business voice to guide public and private decision makers on the most effective investments and interventions.

There are a number of current topics that we are focused on, for example transport. One of the single biggest factors holding the North back is our creaking transport infrastructure, and we have been happy to support England’s first Sub-national Transport Body, Transport for the North, in the development of their plans.

Further details on a Business North point of view on the the upcoming Strategic Outline Business Case for Northern Powerhouse Rail, and the soon-to-be published Strategic Transport Plan can be found here.

For existing members, we hope you continue to engage, support and most importantly provide your voice to support economic growth in the north. For new visitors welcome and please see our membership page.


George Beveridge

Our next Steering Group meeting will be on 2nd April. Further details will be published here when available.