current areas of focus

Following each Steering Group meeting or call we will set out the key points in this section and any further material that arise from it. The key points from the meeting held in May 2019 are set out below.

Meeting with NP11 Chair, Roger Marsh

– New executive support (David Levine – NP11 Strategic Coordinator) now in place to support Roger
– Number of areas of focus across the LEPs e.g Clean energy growth, supply chains, innovation, trade/investment, cyber economic opportunities
– Clear objective to set out ‘what good looks like’ for the North linked to what the North can contribute to the wider UK economy and the opportunity cost of not progressing
– NP11 not directly involved in devolution but looking to support all parts of the North being equipped in the same way
– NP11 keen to better understand Business North objectives and how we can work together to create a common view on what good looks like and then support in getting key stakeholders signed up to what this is

Actions: Business North to schedule a follow up meeting with NP11 to agree ways of working moving forward

Tfn update
– TfN strategy delivered, they will communicate on particular themes every couple of months
– NPH Rail business case has been submitted with funding ask of c£39bn (forms part of the CSR, working on what the ‘ask’ is)
– TfN looking to enhance their role and remit
– More recognition of the need to link NPHR and HS2.

BEIS / Industrial Strategy update
– George Beveridge has meeting scheduled with BEIS to discuss devolution plans.
– Limited progress in update on Industrial Strategies (due to be implemented from April 2020) – different LEPs at different stages (GMCA had update paper 29 November 2018)
– NP11 not taking a cross cutting role in developing Industrial Strategies

Agree area(s) of focus moving forward

– Agreed that the initial key focus would be on working more closely with NP11
– Follow up with BEIS re Industrial Strategy progress
– Update CBI colleagues following the meeting
– Collaborate with the CBI on devolution