current areas of focus

Following each Steering Group meeting or call we will set out the key points in this section and any further material that arise from it. The key points from the meeting held in December 2018 are set out below.

Northern Transport Strategy
We are in discussions with TfN and they have just provided us with a confidential copy of the near final Northern Transport Strategy to enable Business North to consider a letter of support. The Steering Group will consider the document with the plan to progress a simple letter of support with TfN. We will share any letter of support as and when it is agreed.

As agreed at our last meeting a meeting has been arranged on 6th Feb with the new BEIS NW Director, who also covers Northern Power House (NPH) advice. Main items to discuss are future engagement with BEIS and the path ahead for devolution. BEIS have asked for any feedback from businesses on Brexit. If you have any specifics please let us know.

GDPR compliance
It was agreed that a GDPR compliant transfer of the membership data from IPPR to PWC and that there would be a refresh to the website. Thereafter there will be a move to roughly a six weekly cycle with updates after our steering group meets. Proposed dates for calls and meetings can be found here.